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To CO2 free with TICOFF

TICOFF is a pioneering framework for an international partnership to tackle global warming. We focus on supporting sustainable development for impoverished rainforest communities worldwide to empower them to regenerate and conserve the rainforests. As a non-profit network we pride ourselves on our passion and commitment in providing the most cost-effective and practical services to help individuals and businesses go green. These range from energy and fuel reduction solutions to carbon capture and offsetting programmes and awareness seminars designed to inspire and educate management and staff.


Thank you for considering going CO2 free through TICOFF

MERCI is a simple formula designed to help you and your wider association go green.

Measure your carbon footprint
Exercise Corporate Social Responsibility
Reduce energy usage. Save money
Commit to going CO2 free
Involve others to do the same


Thank you for considering ticking CO2 Off your list through TICOFF.  The next step is to request a free carbon audit so we can calculate your organizations carbon footprint. We guarantee we will help you make significant energy savings.

What happens if we don’t do anything?